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Girl Scout Service Unit 1
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Frequently Asked Questions

Each year the Core Staff receive the same question over and over - If you do not see you question on this page or was not answered on other pages, please email BAMBI Camp Director.

1. What is a Dunk Bag?

  •      A Dunk Bag is a Mesh bag (like a small laundry bag) that contains a plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon and knife that is used to eat lunch.  All items will be washed at the end of every meal. This year you may purchase a dunk bag for $10.

2. Would I be able to order more then one shirt?

  •    Yes.  Just write it on your application and add $10 for each additional shirt you would like.

3. What is a SWAP?

  •     Check under our SWAPs heading on the left-side of the page, for all the details you will need.